Sunday, January 20, 2013

Inspired By: Doctor Who

I discovered Doctor Who a year or two ago and I've become a big fan girl. My first doctor was the ninth doctor, played by Christopher Eccelston. I love him but I also love ten and eleven. I've even loved every companion, which shocks me because I do not handle change well and even tho I had great trepidation with every regeneration and companion change, I ended up being thrilled with the new faces.

While I love the cute and funky Doctor Who inspired accessories available and even offer a few myself, I wanted to also offer a few pieces that weren't as 'fan girl' as some of the items I offer. I offer more 'in your face' pieces like the fantastic TARDIS necklace and key chain, the gas mask 'mummy' necklace as well as the fun sneaker necklace, a bow tie necklace and an angel necklace, all paired up with TARDIS blue crystals but I also wanted to create a more subtle and secret way of wearing my obsession.

The TARDIS drop earrings and matching necklaces are the first subtle designs. From far away they just look contemporary but up close you'll see they have 'BAD WOLF' or 'DON'T BLINK' stamped onto the silvery disks.

I also have a variety of designs made with beads of TARDIS blue and you'll be seeing many more of those as well. It's a way to shout out your love of the TARDIS in a shushed whisper.

I've decided to do a variety of necklace wardrobes based on certain episodes. Wardrobes have individual charms that can be worn alone or together. The first one I'm offering is a Series 7 wardrobe featuring charms to indicate three episodes:

- Dinosaurs on A Spaceship (a dino)
- A Town Called Mercy (a boot)
- The Angels Take Manhattan (a wing)

My latest design idea came from wanting to pay homage to the fabulous characters of Doctor Who .. what if each character was interpreted into colors and those colors were put on memory wire for fun to wear coil bracelets?

Yes! Let's do that!

I decided to start at the beginning of the new generation of Doctor Who since that is what I'm familiar with. I will be doing each season's characters and then add in a few of our favorite monsters and bad guys.

Click thru to my Etsy site and the Doctor Who Inspired section to see the full collection of DW goods!

First up - the Ninth Doctor and his companions:

Shown left to right: 
Ninth Doctor, TARDIS, Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler, Capt Jack Harkness
Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones not shown here.
You can see individual photos of each bracelet on my Etsy site.

NINTH DOCTOR - Christopher Eccleston mostly wore dark colors to show that the new incarnation of the Doctor was edgy and strong. He wore a black leather jacket and various dark colored v-neck shirts underneath and dark pants. His color interpretation is shiny black, silver lined purple and cobalt blue with a sprinkling of silver lined bright sapphire to play tribute to the bright blue light of the sonic screwdriver.

TARDIS - Short for 'time and relative dimension in space', our favorite police box that is 'bigger on the inside' is interpreted in the famous and familiar TARDIS blue with sparkling diamond crystal to signify all the stars in the galaxy.

ROSE TYLER - Billie Piper's portrayal of Rose gave her a tough tomboy edge with a side of girly girl. Her color interpretation is silver lined gold for her blonde hair, silver lined pink for her girly-ness and lip gloss and shiny black for her eyeliner and mascara.

JACKIE TYLER - The tough mama bear played by Camille Coduri, was usually seen wearing comfortable clothes like hoodies and blue jeans. Jackie always came across as someone that liked to wear colors like blues and bright pinks. Her color interpretation is silver lined light blue for her jeans, silver lined dark pink for her best remembered hoodie, translucent pink and silver for the silver hoop earrings she wore often.

CAPT JACK HARKNESS - The sexy, debonair 'snog and shag whoever comes along and not really a Captain', Jack Harkness was brought to life by the incredible John Barrowman. (if you haven't watched Torchwood yet, do it) Capt Jack was mostly seen in his long coat, suspenders and a black and grey palette. He often wore light blue button down shirts underneath. His color interpretation is silver lined gunmetal grey, shiny black, pastel blue lavender and silver lined pale blue.

TENTH DOCTOR - David Tennant started acting because he wanted to play Doctor Who one day.. and he did! His color interpretation is brown for his long jacket and suit coat, dark blue for his dress shirts and the color of the TARDIS, white and red for the sneakers he wore and a sprinkle of bright teal blue to play tribute to the light of the sonic screwdriver.

MARTHA JONES - Freema Agyeman portrayed the brilliant and feisty med student that hooks up with the Tenth Doctor on the MOON! I based her bracelet colors on the outfit she wears most - a rust colored leather jacket, a rose colored tee, blue jeans and her pretty black and red necklace.

These bracelets are coming soon, including a two bracelet set for Amy & Rory!

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