Monday, January 23, 2012

Simple. Timeless. Easy.

 Back in the fall of 2009, I started making earrings. My main motivation was that I couldn't find the  type of earrings that I wanted to wear in the retail marketplace. I wanted designs that were wearable without being too trendy and smaller in size than many of the pieces I was seeing in the stores and online. I wanted pieces that would work for play as well as work and designs that were timeless in style. I wanted unique and interesting earrings that would invite comment and be different from what other people were wearing.

Soon, I began making memory wire bracelets and chain necklaces and then my work expanded as my customers began asking for specific types of jewelry, like bigger and longer earrings and chain bracelets. I took on custom work for personalized pieces and weddings.

My designs reflect the mosaic of a personality. We all have a variety of traits within us and we need accessories that work on different levels according to what we are doing, where we are going, who we are with, the image we want to convey and what mood we are in.  We are all unique, fun, elegant, quiet, simple, interesting, crazy and a little bit goth at times.

I wanted to create a blog so that I could discuss my work beyond what the customer sees on my Etsy site. It's fun to hear about inspiration and creativity and how pieces come together.

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