Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spring 2012 Trends

Lavoro Designs will have what you're looking for each season! I'll do the research and you do the shopping!

On the Lavoro Etsy site you can search under the New Stuff/Trends section for all the latest designs! 

Lavoro Designs will offer trendy designs that are affordable and wearable. Check out what you'll be seeing this spring and summer:

Colors – orange, sorbet colors, intense rose, gray-beige, royal purple, turquoise, spring green, pink-lilac, bright yellow, warm neutral brown, navy blue and designs that incorporate cream, white and light colors like pale turquoise.

Gems & Metals – labradorite, moonstone, orange and yellow gems like citrine and fire opal, pyrite (fool’s gold) and geodes. Yellow gold is making a showing this year.

Styles – geometric, tribal, nature, art deco. 

Types - bangle, cuff and chunky bracelets, interchangeable earrings and pendants, stud and button earrings, long necklaces, statement necklaces, long earrings and small chandelier earrings.

Shown here, Lasya, featuring a gorgeous coral and turquoise Tibetan bead.

stay tuned for more spring trends from Lavoro!

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